Superman IV

I watched Superman IV with my kids tonight.

My 10-year-old thought Superman was “lame”.

My 5-year-old thought Superman III was scary. (Remember the woman turning into a robot?)

But we all agreed that Superman IV was horrible.

I live-tweeted the whole movie. If you’re interested: Jim’s Live-Tweets of Superman IV. You know you can’t wait to see it.

Our whole family agreed that this was the best part of the movie. Dramatic acting.




Saw Dredd last night – and I was the only one in the theater. I hope that doesn’t mean anything, because it was really good.

Being from a U.K. magazine (2000 AD), I didn’t realize that in the comics, Judge Dredd’s Mega City-One was actually on the east coast of North America. Dredd has been around since the 70s, taking out bad guys; never taking off his helmet. Judge Anderson has also been a staple of the comics – from Psi Division. From what I’ve been reading, this big-screen version of Dredd has kept pretty close to the comics. Especially if you compare it to the *shudder* Stallone version.

The film itself is dark and violent; as I understand are the Dredd comics. I really like the slow motion effects – I think these really enhanced the movie; and I think I enjoyed the 3D more than in most films.

I can hear people arguing that this was more style than substance, but for a violent action movie based on a comic, it was totally worth seeing in the theater.

And another great thing I didn’t notice while I was watching it – that it’s portrayal of women is, like the comics, better thank most in its genre. Take a look at this article by comicbookGRRRL.

October Horror Films

Like I said, I don’t watch much horror – unless there’s some reason it really stands out. Ringu is one of my favorites, just because it’s so creepy and good. I saw Cloverfield at the theater because of the buzz it was getting.

So here’s what I want to watch this month. And why.

Slither. It’s a James Gunn film! I’ve been a fan of his ever since I saw The Specials many years ago.

Monsters. Another one of those indy horror films. It’s supposed to be good.

The Keep.Nazis are chased by an ancient evil. This is a classic. (Actually – I have to admit that I started early and watched this Saturday night – it stars Ian McKellan, Gabriel Byrne, and Scott Glenn! But I wasn’t impressed.)

Enter the Void. Had this recommended to me. And it seems really weird.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. A bit lighter. It reads like a Buffy rip-off, but I’m hoping it’s not. And it’s based on a comic book!

Rubber. A murderous tire. Just have to see it for the absurdity.

From Hell. I rented this once to watch it and the disk messed up halfway through. I’ve never gotten back to this Jack the Ripper tale, even though it is also based on a comic.

Orphanage. Guillermo del Toro; the genius responsible for Pan’s Labyrinth. I’ve been interested in seeing this ever since it came out.

Red Riding Hood. More recent, and a bit lighter. Didn’t get good reviews, but I wanted to see it anyway. Maybe it will be creepy.

Tales from the Crypt (1972). I had no idea that this was an older film that the HBO series was based on. Or they were both based on the comics; so originally this was a comic book movie, too. Have to check this out.

Cabin in the Woods. Joss Whedon. ‘Nuff said.

Gingerdead Man. Gary Busey as a murdering cooking?!? I have to find this somewhere.

I may not be able to watch (or even find) all of these, but it’s going to be fun to try.