Ben Hatke and My Son Max 

I recently picked up Might Jack by Ben Hatke for my son Max. I haven’t seen him fall so quickly in love with a book since The Diary of. A Wimpy Kid series. He devoured that, then devoured all 3 Zita books. If he was just slightly into comics before, I think Mr. Hatke has made a life-long lover out of him. He loved them enough to write a letter to Ben Hatke asking him to make movies out of them. I’ve posted it below.

Here’s the text in case any of it is hard to read:

Dear Ben Hatke, 

My dad got Mighty Jack and he didn’t know that you wrote it. He thought it just looked interesting. But then he realized that you wrote it and he found Zita and halfway through Zita I realized that Zita and Mighty Jack was a crossover because Piper and Madrigal are in Mighty Jack and there the person who sells Jack the beans. And the reason I sent you this note is because I think you should make movies about them in order: Zita, Zita 2, Zita 3, Mighty Jack then Little Robot. Little Robot because the kid in Little Robot is in Mighty Jack at the flea market where Jack gets the beans. He was carrying a card board box that had wires and metal scraps. That’s why I think you should make moves about them. 


Max Manchester

Age 9 

Florence, Alabama


p.s. Waiting for Mighty Jack Two