Comic Book Review: Heroes Haven by Mario Simone

havenI just finished season 1 of Daredevil on Netflix, so the play of light versus dark is heavily on my mind.

And this comic waxes poetic about that interplay.

I liked that about it.

The art was interesting. Dark, and different. I liked the lettering, too.

But it was a bit hard to follow. I want to say discordant…but maybe disconnected is better. I’m guessing that the chapters were published separately with quite a bit of time between them. It sometimes difficult to jump from one to another.

The art and the writing aren’t always perfect. But I think that’s ok in an indie comic.

Because it was also refreshing – a different kind of comic.

Recommended if you want something different or new.

Thanks to Gotham City Films and Smith Publicity for providing a physical copy of the book.


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