Comic Book Review: Paleo by Jim Lawson


I am impressed. I didn’t expect this to be so interesting. So full of action. To get caught up in these stories of survival.

Don’t be taken in by the cartoony cover. The inside is a harsh look at what life with the dinosaurs might have really been like.

But then survival isn’t always easy to look at.

As one of the intros suggests, “A seemingly cruel, savage world…”

It’s interesting how Lawson gets into the mind of these animals. Of course, they aren’t overtly thinking these thoughts, but it feels like he’s getting to the heart of heir instincts with his writing.

Plus he captures these dinosaurs in amazing ways. I’m sure we don’t know exactly how they acted with full muscle, tendon, skin, and scale. But Lawson makes a good, believable try at it.

Some of it is a tad confusing – like it’s missing panels. I’m not sure what happened in Book 5 between the Tyrannosaur and the Albertosaurus.

And the creativity with some of these things is interesting. The dragonfly of Book 6. The short story drawn on shadows after book 6.

I was trying to decide what age could read this. And then I got 2/3 of the way through the book. To the story, Easy.


Yeah; this one needs to be for a little bit older.

I’m almost blushing. And at the same time horrified.

And Floater was intense!

Overall, an interesting graphic novel. Worth reading.

But not for the squeamish.

Thanks to NetGalley and Dover Publications for a copy in return for an honest review.


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