Comic Book Review: Klaw: The First Cycle by Antoine Ozenam

cover86857-mediumWow. Fantastic story.

A different take on powers, with some supernatural thrown in for good measure.

I’ve always said that these kinds of books are the most difficult to review.

There wasn’t anything that really jumped out at me about this story. I thought it was just a good, solid, enjoyable story. As I read it and got absorbed into it, nothing jerked me out of the story. It just kind of flowed.

I’m looking forward to the next volume.


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Comic Book Review: Complete Alice in Wonderland

cover86854-medium.pngThe classic Alice story told in graphic novel form, adapted by Leah Moore and John Reppion.

I love Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but didn’t feel like these volumes added a ton to the story. The art was good, but it just didn’t seem to astound me.

I guess it seemed like I was asking myself, was this extra adaptation of Alice really necessary? While it wasn’t bad, it didn’t seem to be something that brought anything truly new to the story of Alice.

And while I love the first story, I’ve always felt like Through the Looking Glass wasn’t quite as good. (This volume includes both.)


It’d probably be great if you weren’t already overly familiar with the story.

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Comic Book Review: Paper Girls v1 by Brian K Vaughan

cover86847-mediumI knew this was going to be good when it started with that dream!

And I love the explanation for everything that’s happening:

“See, ’cause of Dukakis and…and all those people…” (It’s probably better in context.)

Great stuff!! As usual, BKV kills it and I just want to read more.

Interesting, suspenseful, funny.

And the art is excellent. It’s so mood-setting. It’s wonderful when someone does something different with comics and it works.

Completely worth reading. Recommended.

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Comic Book Review: I Hate Fairyland v1 by Scottie Young

cover86845-medium.pngThis was so messed up and crazy.

And gross.

The art was amazing. And such a high concept! I really wanted to like it more.

But even though the idea was great, and Scotty Young’s art kicked SASS , I just didn’t laugh as much as I should have in a comic like this.

The second best joke had to do with zombie satyrs. But since it was the second best one, I’ll leave it to you to find it.

And actually, the best joke was on the same page.

Not sure how I should recommend this. If you don’t like dark, violent humor, then stay away. If you do – it’s going to be hit or miss. I like it if it strikes me as funny. This was amusing, but I didn’t laugh enough.

And I saw the end coming the page before.

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Comic Book Review: Bob’s Burgers: Well Done

cover86856-mediumI’ve only seen a few episodes of the show. But I have to say, I’ve laughed quite a bit.

My crotch is itchy.

And this comic seems to have captured the flavor of the show. (Get it? Flavors? Burgers? Never mind.)

Some of this stuff is laugh-out-loud funny.

Some of it isn’t quite as funny.

One note, if I was reading single issues, I wouldn’t like the short stories continued between issues. But since it’s a trade, it’s not as big of a problem.

(And thanks to Althea J for turning me on to the show in the first place!)

But totally worth reading – especially if you’re a fan of the show.

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Comic Book Review: Warp Zone #1 by Ted Lange IV

cover86839-mediumOk – can I say I loved this idea? And the art was really cool. The characters were great, too.

There’s some amazing creativity here.

It was just a tad…confusing.

It wasn’t the idea that was confusing…oddly enough. But the characters and environments were. Who is Jack Elsewhere? Where does he live? Who are his friends? Who is he talking to and where is he? Was he moving between earth and other places? Other places off earth?

Sometimes voiceover (narration) can be lazy. But sometimes it just helps ground the reader and help them understand what they’re seeing.

I really want to stick with this – but I want to understand it, too. I think it will be completely worth reading.

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Comic Book Review: Back to the Future: Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines

cover84695-mediumA set of short stories. Alternate timelines, secret origins, possible futures.

The intro story was…well, it involved kind of a prequel/origin story that was just ok.

And, it really never got better. The stories were mildly interesting but never really reached that 88 MPH to rocket you into Back to the Future nostalgia.

Maybe recommended for a completist fan of the film.

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