Comic Book Review: Batman & Robin Eternal v1 by Scott Snyder

cover82103-mediumThe good thing about a great Batman story – or maybe the great thing about a good Batman story – is you can jump in, in media res, in the middle of the action, and you can get hooked into the story.

But to me, Scott Snyder is kind of hit-and-miss. I like some of his stuff, but not all of it. And it took me a while to get used to us jumping back-and-forth in time.

And there was so much tied to other comics. It really helped that I already knew about Grayson and the BatBot. I’d be a little lost if I hadn’t.

And then I really got into the story. The writing got good. And interesting. And even funny.

But I don’t understand why Jason is part of this gang. He’s just as obnoxious as he was when he died. Do I need to go back and read Hush again?

And they don’t know who Cassandra Cain is? And Dick doesn’t know who Steph is? Tim’s parents are alive?? I forgot – we rebooted for The New 52, didn’t we? I don’t know the origins now, do I? I hate being confused. And then Poppy brings that weird weapon from the God Garden and that doesn’t help. And why does Tim have a gun?!?

I don’t know who Bluebird is, but I like her.

Ooh! And the plot thickens as things are explained. That’s good. I like where this story is going. And how it ties these criminals both Bruce’s past and Dick’s past. Though the whole concept is a bit sick.

Funniest quote:

The last I checked, communion didn’t turn you into The Flash.

But then, it gets kind of slow again. And the whole storyline? It’s a little disturbing. Like they can’t create a good story without the abuse of children being a plot point. In this case, a way to allow Batman to reflect on his relationship with his charges.

I don’t know. I probably enjoyed this well enough to see how it ends and check out the next volume. Sorry this review was all over the place. But the book kinda was, too.

Thanks to NetGalley and DC Comics for a copy in return for an honest review.


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