Children’s Book Review: Eye of the Drone by Rebecca Mary Murdock

cover77965-mediumYikes! I kept asking myself on page one, why is Santa saying “Wooo ahh! “Wooo ahh!” Is that some sort of celebratory yell like woot! or woohoo! ?

Then i realized they spelled “whoooaa!” as “woooah!” Not off to a good start.

The whole start is weird. Why did Santa leave them in the middle of Moscow with no place to go and no food? Santa’s a dick! “Night waits for no one!”

I guess you really need the first book to read the second. But then at least grandma appears in a Skype to explain some things.

But what kind of people let their kids travel all over the world by themselves, without help, trying to save endangered animals. Isn’t that dangerous? I mean, Finch has pneumonia and Santa Claus just dumped them in Russia! He needs a hospital and Grandma’s advice is sleep with the cat??

So then, the Canadian Lynx goes off to mate with the Eurasian Lynx? What’s this book rated?

And while they go around, they think that hanging little cloth hearts on the trees will keep companies from cutting them down en masse? I’m all for communicating environmental issues, but that seems a bit unrealistic.

And the bad guys are literally looking for and trying to stop tree huggers.

Then they ride on a train 4,000 miles to the eastern side of Russia. Then walk 1,000 miles to Mongolia?

Wait, and when they get to Mongolia they just spend the night in a random furnished house, lucky that the owners seem to be away for the night? Then they spend 2 weeks wandering around the open plains of Mongolia without food and shelter. Okay.

Then they take a bus to China, get stopped by the police for not having their passports stamped, then are saved by a magic butterfly that turns up out of the deus ex machina and puts the officers to sleep with its “butterfly pollen”.

Soon after, the magic butterfly puts airport security to sleep so that Finch and Suki can get on a plane from China to Nepal with a falcon, a lynx, and fugitive passports. I guess no one on the plane noticed that they bought tickets for a large cat and large bird. I guess its at least good they didn’t have to ride with that jerkoff Santa.

Oh no! The magic butterfly is really a magic fairy! She tells the main characters that when she burps and spits it turns to dust to put people to sleep.


Then the book continues to the next volume. They plan to go to Japan. They probably walk from Nepal. All the way across China and the East China Sea.

Apparently there’s going to be 8 volumes of Finch and Suki wandering around the world taking pictures of great cats and hanging hearts on trees and having mystical creatures save their butts from out of nowhere.

The art is a neat idea. CGI characters against photo backgrounds. It works. I like the format. The big picture. Text on the right. With some facts about animals and the environment underneath the text.

But the format isn’t enough to overcome the content.

Wait – Finch said they were 3D and not fleshy. Does that mean they are actually CGI characters in the real world? Or were they breaking the 4th wall?


Know what? I don’t really care.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bark and Howl Press Ltd. for a copy in return for an honest review.

And thanks, Althea J for the recommendation! Great use of my time! Ha!


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