Comic Book Review: Batgirl vol 2 by Cameron Stewart

cover82101-mediumI really enjoyed the first volume, and it was fun to see this one starting out with Batgirl in a live video game, with her new roommate, Frankie, as “part of the team” helping her. I really wonder if she’s going to take the name Oracle.

And what the heck is going on in the Batman comics?!? Commissioner Gordon? What??

The crossovers with Gotham Academy and Grayson and Spoiler and Batwoman was okay. Though sometimes the crossovers introduce other storylines and make the current story a bit more confusing. And the stories didn’t feel totally resolved. The whole Negahedron / Gladius story didn’t feel like Barbara’s. So it didn’t feel totally cohesive. (I guess this was the Batgirl Annual #3. It felt kind of wedged in there.)

And I guess this review is reflecting that non-cohesiveness. Sorry.

And all the social media and communication from the other issues was gone. Where did all that go??

The last couple issues were much better. They had the feel of the first volume, and I really enjoyed them (the rest of the book – not so much). Although I thought Dick’s cameo was terrible. He was such a…well…dick. The writing wasn’t bad – but it sure did paint him in a bad light. And why wasn’t she more surprised he wasn’t dead? But mostly, I enjoyed the last part of the volume. I hope this last portion continues into Volume 3.

Thanks to NetGalley and DC Comics for a copy in return for an honest review.


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