Comic Book Review:

cover78049-mediumThis was a interesting idea.

An attempt to make a superhero comic out of the Bible.

And the end result is fascinating.

I wasn’t sure what I would think – but ultimately, I think it works. The names end up being a bit goofy – but the art is pretty cool.

And it does make the stories interesting. They come across as very epic. And larger than life.

But I don’t know what the authors were intending. I think it works from the perspective of making Bible stories into cool superhero comic stories. The translation is pretty good. But if they wanted to keep some of the meaning, I don’t think they did.

I read it as a lot of fun, epic, stories. With cool heroes and cool villains. And even cool monsters.

If that’s what they intended, they were successful.

But, in this form, the stories seem even less real – and more likely to be fiction. If they were attempting to ground the Bible stories in truth or history, I fear this format does not lend to that. Sure it communicates the Bible stories, but putting them in the format of an epic comic makes them more like unbelievable superhero stories.

And in an effort to squeeze the entire Bible in here, some of the stories seem truncated and don’t have a lot of detail. It helped that I knew the context for these stories, but someone coming in fresh may be a bit confused.

It was hilarious that they even have the story of the prophet Elisha and the bears attacking the children who teased him!

And at least they got it right that the shepherds and wise men didn’t visit baby Jesus at the same time!

Regardless of what the authors intended with this book, I think the story and art in this is cool enough to purchase a copy for my own collection.

Thanks to NetGalley and Lion Hudson Plc for a copy in return for an honest review.


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