Book Review: A Field Guide to the F Word by Ben Parker

cover82312-mediumThis tome gives a fairly comprehensive discussion on the proper use of The Word.

An ode to the most versatile of words.

Also, a fascinating history of The Word.

But really, the point of this book is that The Word had been overused to the point of vulgarity. “The incessant use of The Word today had reduced its value to nothing more than sophomoric.”

And so, follows some excellent instruction in its use; there’s some great information in this book. If you’re concerned at all about how you use it.

Such as the difficulty in finding replacement words. Or, as the book puts it: “The unique nature of The Word is evidenced by a dearth of synonyms.”

And I can’t believe I just figured out what the “fickle finger of fate” is.

Isn’t it interesting how the use of The Word as a particle (by adding “-ing”) has more emotion than the shortened version (ending in “-in'”).

Recommended if you’re at all interested in the ****ing use of The Word.

Thanks to NetGalley and Valley Press for a copy in return for an honest review.


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