Comic Book Review: Danger Club: Death by Landry Walker

cover80328-mediumHoly Schnikes! What a crazy first issue!

It got my attention and sucked me into the story.

And the retro splash pages were pretty amazing.

Remote control, bitches!


The more I read of this volume, the more I have to ask – how is Image getting all the great new stuff?

Okay – I guess this isn’t new, being published in 2012. But, still. It’s pretty amazing.

I can 3- and 4-star comics all day that I can read and enjoy. But to pick up a book like this, gives all the reason behind the phrase, “I couldn’t put it down.”

I loved the writing. And the art was great – perfect for the genre.

And –

Aw, crap?? Really?!? A cliffhanger.


When is volume 2 released?

(What – it’s been out for 6 months? Okay – going to hunt it down.)

Thanks to NetGalley, Diamond Distributors, and Image Comics for a copy in return for an honest review.


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