Comic Book Review: Grayson vol. 2: We All Die at Dawn

25489167This is the thing I don’t like about spy movies. The writers feel like they have to put so much in the story, without enough explanation, and it all gets confusing. Or maybe I’m just dumb. But then you add all the conspiracies and the intrigue and it’s that much more complicated.

First, there’s all the organizations. (That aren’t really explained.)





The Fist of Cain


And all the other science fiction stuff that you’re not even sure how it fits in the story. (Because they’re not really explained.)




The God Garden


Teleportation ‘Doors’

And of course, the conspiracies, and plans within plans. Which would be less effective if they were explained.

On top of that, it seemed like there were parts of the story missing – things that happened in other books? Superman supposedly made an appearance, but he wasn’t anywhere in the volume.

It makes for a bit of confusion, but at least the action is still good, and the relationship between Dick and Helena makes it interesting. Where the story was good, I really enjoyed it.

And I loved A Story of Giants Big and Small (in the middle of the volume). It was a great, er, story. With some really good writing. The smaller self-contained stuff is just easier to follow. When you start to get too big, it starts to get too confusing.

Overall it was good. And it ended well – of course, with more intrigue. The students at the school were pretty funny – some more could have taken place there.

Recommended, if you’re following Dick’s turn as a spy. But it may not have been quite as good as volume 1.

Thanks to NetGalley and DC Comics for a copy in return for an honest review.


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