Book Review: The Goblin’s Puzzle by Andrew S. Chilton

cover70046-medium-2This was a fun read – and pretty funny at times.

The first line actually set the tone for the whole book rather well:

“Bread, left untended, will steal itself, or so people liked to say. But the boy found that sometimes it needed help.”

And after that the story of the boy with no name, and Alice, and Alice, and the goblin was rather engrossing.

It was full of wit:

“Long ago, the King had set himself the goal of winning an argument with his wife. Once again, that day had failed to arrive.”

Huh. Been there; done that.

“Plain Alice jumped back a bit. She was not used to hearing soft words from boys. She had an air about her that discouraged them from coming closer than stone-throwing distance.”

I have to say, I really enjoyed this book.

It was obviously written for a younger crowd, and I finished it pretty quickly. But I liked it.

Thanks to NetGalley and Random House for a copy in return for an honest review.


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