Book Review: Classical Ornament by C. Thierry

cover80578-mediumThis is a interesting collection of “royalty-free illustrations”, as the brief introduction puts it.

Gorgeous art.

Amazing detail.

These sculptures are so ornate, and the illustrations are perfect – it’s easy to forget they are illustrations. Someone spent the time to draw these sculptures and engravings.

I thought it was fascinating to see the depictions of myth.

Is Plate 56 the Fisher King?

I love the Medusa (Plate 61).

The Gryphon in between Plates 70 and 71 is wonderful.

But while this is a fantastic collection of art, one major thing that was missing is that it would have been great to read a little more about them – where they were from, the timeframe each item was crafted. But I suppose since these drawings were first compiled 150 years ago, it might be difficult to determine where and when each came from. It was almost as if someone got the rights to print this book, or these illustrations, and didn’t put any thought into adding anything to it.

But it is nice to look at.

Recommended if you love beautiful illustrations, or are a student of art or graphic design.

Thanks to NetGalley and Dover Publications for a copy in return for an honest review.


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