Comic Book Review: Swamp Thing #1 by Len Wein

28385196I’ve got strong opinions on Kelley Jones’s art. There are some things it’s completely inappropriate for – like after Batman comes back from being beaten by Bane in the 90s and says things like, “I want to be more human.” If you’re looking for humanity, it’s not in Jones’s art.

However! There are some things that Jones art is perfect for. Like the Batman: Red Rain story lines. (You know, where he meets Dracula?)

And this is another perfect comic for Kelley Jones. The supernaturalness of the Swamp Thing and his environment are touched by the unseemly darkness that Jones’s art provides.

The story is an interesting idea – but the execution (well, the writing) is just okay. It sounds a bit old and pulpy. Maybe it’s supposed to? I just didn’t care for it. But the whole thing is interesting enough for me to come back to and see how the story progresses. Here, Swamp Thing faces…well, I won’t spoil issue #1 for you! Take a look for yourself.

Thanks to NetGalley and DC Comics for a copy in return for an honest review.


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