Comic Book Review: Raptor Cop by John G. Pedicini

cover79543-mediumI love the idea.

But I think the author needs a little help with pacing. The story doesn’t flow very well – things happen too fast. It’s almost like there was too much to tell in this first issue, and there were scenes or lines cut out between panels, giving kind of a jarring feel to the story. And the dialogue balloons sometimes seem out of order.

But I like the art.

Though there are panels that are hard to figure out – like when two characters are just looking at each other.

Maybe some better explanation might help. Sometimes it’s hard to follow the action.

And now that I look back, there’s no narration (not counting boxes that show time and location). Now, I get that in comics, if you can’t tell a story with pictures, you shouldn’t be doing comics – but a little bit of narration might be a good thing.

Or, some internal dialogue, maybe. We all have internal dialogue, but we don’t really see any of that in the story either.

I guess what I’m saying is that the concept and art are good. I just think it could be a great book with some help on writing and pacing.

Thanks to NetGalley and IBPA for a copy in return for an honest review.


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