Book Review: Otto Von Trapezoid and the Empress of Thieves by Jesse Baruffi

 This was so over the top and weird. I realize it was designed to be, but it still took a while to get used to. You’ve got to realize that it’s parody on the level of silliness of things like The Naked Gun, or Airplane. Once I realized that, it was a bit easier to read. Though as I continued to read, I got the feeling that it was trying to push into the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy area. It was good – but not that good. 

Some great quotes: 

“Nothing says caution like a gun that obliterates everything in its path.” 

(Living in North Alabama, I know several people that could live by that motto. Too bad that’s a mad scientist.)

“If any of you have gods to pray to, I’d suggest renouncing them before they disappoint you one last time.”

Then I got to the poker game and it got pretty funny. 

I have to admit, I didn’t laugh on every single page, but there were parts that had me cracking up. The villain Amadeus X. Machina was especially inspired. 

Some of it was pretty funny. But some of it just…wasn’t. There were parts that had me cracking up, but other parts that had me a bit bored. There were sweet parts that made me smile. But then even more parts that that left me feeling meh

Which makes it hard to want to get back to a book to finish it. 

As much as I enjoyed parts of it, it did seem like it took a while to read. 

Would I recommend it? Well, parts of the book were truly inspired and were enjoyable and hilarious. But, some parts, to quote the book, “felt empty, hollow, and tedious.” 

Thanks to NetGalley and Curiosity Quills for a copy in return for an honest review.


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