Comic Book Review: Godzilla in Hell

 It might have been good if it had been Heironymous Bosch meets Japanese monster movies. 

I’m not sure where this concept came from. Or how Godzilla got intop Hell. (Okay, so maybe it was for murdering ½ of Tokyo.) But this is just weird. 

And when Godzilla destroyed the “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter” and the cloud of dust spelled out “LUST” I thought it was going to be an interesting trip through Dante’s Hell. And indeed, in the first issue/section/chapter there are some weird Bosch-like images. Factories driven by tentacles and intestines. Weird storm clouds of the naked damned. Godzilla getting eaten by weird dead mirror-images of himself. And the last chapter has some interesting scenes. 

But in between, it’s just not as interesting. He falls into the second level of hell – and this chapter is all cool and painted, but it’s just Godzilla re-fighting monsters he’s fought on Earth. Then in another chapter he fights SpaceGodzilla. Then there are more monsters to fight – ones that he could have fought in a monster movie in Tokyo. Outside of the first and last chapters, there wasn’t much that we haven’t already seen in Godzilla movies that take place on Earth.  

And even those fights were a little lacking. It takes a lot of skill to pull off wordless sequential art. And this comic didn’t really accomplish that. Some art and some sections were interesting. But as a whole, it was too disjointed. It might have been interesting to have different artists do each chapter of there was something connecting them – a common thread. But it was more like a bunch of different artist’s views – and didn’t actually look a cohesive story. 

Half-heartedly recommended if you’re s Godzilla completist (in which case it wouldn’t matter what I say anyway), or if you want to get a look at the art, some of which is pretty good. 

Thanks to NetGalley, Diamond, and IDW Publishing for a copy in return for an honest review. 


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