Book Review: Seven Continents by Mohan Bhasker

  Mohan Bhasker is an amazing photographer. 

And Seven Continents captures his ability wonderfully. 

From the colors of the seasons changing in Vermont to the glaciers of Antarctica to the cherry blossoms of Japan to the tigers of India. 

This isn’t the kind of book to inhale in a single sitting. The photos should be pored over slowly to get the full effect of the beauty from all over the world.  

And to hear the work that went into getting some of these pictures! Whether it’s just waiting for hours for the sun to come out behind the clouds or trekking miles to get to a secluded spot at just the right time of day, Bhasker has definitely put his time in to get these pictures. 

In the sand dunes in Brazil, “we slept on narrow hammocks that took some time getting used to, and on several occasions I slipped off in my sleep. We could not sleep on the floor for fear of being bitten by giant red ants, spiders, or scorpions.”

“I kept reminding myself that life is all about taking risks.”

It makes me want to travel the world and see it all firsthand. 

I could spend pages discussing what was beautiful in each part of the world. But it’d be better if you looked for yourself. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Schiffer Publishing for a copy in return for an honest review.


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