Comic Book Review: The Surface by Ales Kot

It all makes sense at the end. Maybe.

I don’t know.

I’m not sure what to make of all this.
I love the concept.

But then some of it seemed sloppy and cryptic. But then the author told me that before the book barely started.

I always love the blurring between what’s real and what might or might not be real.

But some stories like that are just a bit out of reach and leave me scratching my head. But was that the intent? And if so, did they, by definition, succeed?

It’s all very meta. Which also works if it’s not tooooooo ambiguous.

Why were they trying to find the lifelogs? What secrets are they hiding? When you wait too long to give answers people start to get bored. Will these questions even be answered?

I thought I started to get it as they followed the narrative. But then I started to not.

What happened to Mark and Gomez? What happened to Nasia? What happened to Robert?

And what happened to Ales?

It took me twice to read this to ask questions this coherently. I can’t fathom how many more times it would take to understand it.

Will I continue reading? I don’t know. I may decide to figure out what has happened. I may just go on and forget I ever read it.

Thanks to NetGalley, Diamond, and Image Comics for a copy in return for an honest review.


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