Children’s Book Review: Little Bo Peep and Her Bad, Bad Sheep by A.L. Wegwerth

  I have never seen such a massive mash-up of mother goose tales. I know this is geared toward a much younger age group, but as an adult I found it fascinating to figure out all the figures from the fairy tales. (Like my alliteration?) 

At least 34 nursery rhymes are represented here. 

The bad sheep are running away (this is why Bo Peep couldn’t find them), stealing mittens (which is why the kittens lost them), getting caught up with the 3 blind mice who are being chased by the farmers wife. While the Patty Cake Bakers Man (called by some the Muffin Man) chases after Bingo (B-I-N-G-O) the dog; while his master calls for him (Where, oh, where has my little dog gone?). But favorite is the super-cow jumping over the moon. (I mean, he must have super powers? How else could he do it?)

And that’s just the tip of the shepherd’s crook. (You know, because Bo Peep has a shepherd’s crook? Nevermind.)  

Worth reading. 

And looking at the pictures, obviously. 

It’s a pretty creative mash-up. And the art fits the mood of the book.

(I only didn’t know one of the nursery rhymes represented, as they are listed in the back of the book – but I didn’t catch them all while looking at the picture.)

Thanks to NetGalley and Capstone for a copy in return for an honest review.


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