Comic Book Review: The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change by Yorum Bauman and Grady Klein

 All I can say is that it’s really cool to learn so much from a comic book.

Well, that’s not really all I can say. But it is really cool!

While written in a simple language most anyone can understand, some of these concepts are still pretty complicated and require a slow, thoughtful read. And maybe a re-read.

But I love the way this book breaks down the issues with climate change – starting from the history of the earth.

The basic language and cartoony art make it something easy to read. And, more than just looking all comic-book-y and attractive, the art often does a fantastic job in illustrating the concepts being described. And outlines the completely compelling case of how the community of humans is causing climate change.

I realize that no one can tell the future. And the book even notes that things could turn out much better than predicted or much worse. But even the people who are anti-climate-change facts, or are expecting things to be much better than predicted, should even see that fact that we are changing our environment in drastic ways that we never have before.

One thing that’s ironic – is that as the climate changes, those who caused it (the wealthy) will be able to adapt to it much better than those who didn’t (the poor).

But the best thing about this book is that it gives ways to help.
Aristotle said that,

Everyone thinks chiefly if their own; hardly at all of the common interest.

Which means that people will pick up their dog’s poop in their own own yard because it benefits themselves, but not necessarily in public because it benefits the common good.

And it made me realize that people who let their dogs poop in my yard don’t give a crap about the common good.

(And, damn but doesn’t that say a lot about why the privileged don’t want to give up their privilege – but now I’m getting off topic.)
And, there’s an excellent glossary in the back to help you understand terms you might have missed.

Recommended for anyone that wants to learn more about climate change. And highly recommended for anyone that doesn’t. They probably need it even more!

Thanks to NetGalley and Island Press for a copy in return for an honest review. 


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