Book Review: Kissing the Hag by Timothy Quigley

  There’s a lot of intelligence and wisdom in this short novel about life and death. 

If the author hasn’t worked in a shelter, he’s at least done his research. 

People sometimes acted as though, if the shelter didn’t exist, its inhabitants and their plights wouldn’t either. Ignorance is piss.

My role was to provide shelter, not discipline.

On reminding of priorities the diners at a fancy restaurant the narrator used to manage: 

“O.K. people, listen up. Poverty or racism or suicide would constitute a crisis situation. However, cold baked potatoes or the forgotten request for extra lemon do not. Do we understand the difference?”

A piece of wisdom, something I’ve always wanted to know: 

“…if you hear angels, can you hear the devils too? And how can you tell the difference?”

I’m always impressed when authors can keep interest and even suspense without a lick of action. Of course human emotions are much more powerful, but writing them is not always the easiest. 

Recommended if you want a story to ruminate over even as keeps you wanting to read the next page. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Pixel Hall Press for a copy in return for an honest review.


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