Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

  I like Rachel Hartman’s writing style; it’s very engaging. She writes compelling and interesting characters. And I loved the narrator of the book. She was entrancing. And the singing was very cool – with a Celtic flavor. 

You know you’ve found a fabulous author when you wish you could come up with some of what she wrote. 

“Winter had not yet found its teeth. The rooftop frost melted with the first kiss of the sun.”

“…I knew about sorrow and about music as sorrow’s surest balm.”

There’s some very profound wisdom about life, too. This is why telling stories is important.  

“I scrupulously hide every legitimate reason for people to hate me. And then it turns out they don’t need legitimate reasons. Heaven has fashioned a knife of irony to stab me with.”

“That’s the secret to performance. Conviction. The right note played tentatively still misses its mark. But play boldly and no one will question you. If one believes there is truth in art – and I do – then it’s troubling how similar the skill of performing is to lying.”

And my favorite: 

“No heaven but this.”


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