Comic Book Review: Multiversity (Deluxe Edition) by Grant Morrison

  I’ve said before, I like retellings. That’s why I like the multiverse. What if Batman were a pirate? What if Thomas and Martha Wayne found Kal-El? What if Batman met Dracula and things didn’t go so well? I’ve been a lover of DC’s Elseworlds series since the Annuals in the 90s. 

And it’s interesting how the Multiversity comic is bringing them together. 

For a huge crossover effort, I like that each story is its own, but touches on each other. Part of me is disappointed that it’s not mainly about the primary superheroes we all know and love, but I thought the stories were handled well and were handled well on their own.

It was an interesting twist to make the comic itself a part of the story. It’s a bit meta, but I think it works. Pax Americana was a little all over the place and tough to follow. But I really like the analogy of us looking at a comic book similar to how a higher dimensional being might be looking at us. 

And Major Comics? I don’t know if this is the first time it’s been used in DC Comics, but I love the stand-in for…you know…that other major comics group. At first I said, hey, that looks an awful lot like…but then I realized what they were doing. Nice. (And you won’t understand most of this paragraph until you read Multiversity.) 

I have to say, I kind of enjoyed The Just – the parallel earth with the superhero’s kids as spoiled brats. It was intriguing and the art fit perfectly. 

The villain seems to always be confusing in these big events. (What exactly are its origins? What is its motivation?)

And the guidebook – the addition of a description of each earth was pretty cool. Is it necessary to formalize each what if story and make a world for it? Maybe not, but it was still interesting to see each earth and it’s characters described. 

Of course, they round out this massive volume with alternate covers, character sketches, and scene layouts. I’m going to have to try and find Vampire Robin being carried off by Vampire Batman (a la Batman #428). 

Overall, recommended, especially if you’re a fan of the different DC worlds. 

Thanks to NetGalley and DC Comics for a copy in return for an honest review.


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