Book Review: The Donkey Lady Fights La Llorona and Other Stories by Xavier Garza

  The stories are all very creative ideas. It was an excellent idea to include each of them in both English and Spanish. 

I liked the use of myths – the Thunderbird of North American myth, La Llorona and chupacabra of Spanish-American myth, The Donkey Lady of southwest US legend, and the Latin American duende

But there seemed to be something missing in the execution. Maybe it’s because they were translated from the Spanish, but they seemed to be missing that end-of-story twist that I miss in children’s scary stories. Or maybe they have that but they happen too early in the story for them to be a twist. It’s almost like the story ends abruptly – but not with the twist. 

As I mentioned, all the stories were great ideas – they could probably just use an editor or be re-written or massaged a bit to flow better. And build better suspense. Or, if they flow well in the original tongue, maybe a more experienced translator (who is also a writer) might attempt to translate them. (The more I read of them, the more it seemed to be something lost in translation.) Also, the stories could use more description to make the characters come alive; they seemed kind of flat. 

I think my favorite story was Grandpa Tito’s Book. Tunnels was pretty good, too. The Selfie was a little chilling; even if I did guess how it was going to end. 

Thanks to NetGalley, Art Publico Press, and Myrick Marketing & Media for a copy in return for an honest review. 


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