Book Review: DC Super Heroes Origami by John Montroll

  I don’t know if many of these were adapted from existing origami but either way they’re creative and awesome. There are tons of origami creations to make based on your favorite DC heroes. Of course, the trinity is favored here (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman), but the rest of the Justice League make an appearance (Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Atom, Flash, Martian Manhunter…)

Some of them seem to be silly and filler material (Clark Kent’s glasses, Wonder Woman’s boots) but I was at least glad to see the entire section for Wonder Woman. 

And I really wanted to make a batarang. My son really wanted the Flash symbol. 

To give a fair review, I thought I should attempt some of these. That’s when I figured out 2 things: (1) some of these are pretty stinking complicated and (2) the basic folding descriptions at the beginning aren’t in this ARC. (All of the instructions for each project are here, but they are more difficult without the basics instructions for the types of folds; e.g., a “squash fold”.) 

Overall, this is a pretty cool book, and I’ll likely buy a copy, so I get the full intro, as well as all the paper included to actually make all of the projects.

Thanks to NetGalley and Capstone for a copy in exchange for an honest review. 


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