Interactive Story Review: A Heart for Copper by Sharon Lynn Fisher

 This starts out as an interesting steampunk story. I would like to explore the world more. It focuses on a life-sized doll, an automaton, and her struggle with life and the possibility of becoming real. 

But, while I realize the main character is an automaton, this story just smacks of “women are created solely for the purpose of men”. Since the main character spends the first whole section disappointed that her “master”, the only reason for her existence, “the only light in my life” doesn’t give her as much attention as the dog. 

Maybe I’m not in touch with women, but this seems more like a teenage boy’s fantasy than “women’s fiction”. 

Honestly, the writing’s not bad. I kind of enjoyed it. I just couldn’t get past the basic misogyny. And bonus points for interactive fiction. Even though I think there are only 4 possible endings. (Some options circle back and merge back to the same ending even if you take different paths.)

Thanks to NetGalley and SilkWords for a copy of this book for an honest review.


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