Short Story Review: Lois Lane: Cloudy with a Chance of Destruction by Gwenda Bond

I love new takes on old comic book heroes. 

And in a twist, this is a new take on Lois Lane, not Superman. I hope her upcoming book gives her the credit she deserves, and not just as a prop for Superman. But if this short story (released as a teaser for the book) is any indication, it will. When the short story is well-written and suspenseful, there’s a good chance the book will be, too. 

And bonus points for not ending how I thought it was going to. (I can’t tell you that – it will spoil the story!)

What do I think about teenage Lois Lane knowing teenage Clark Kent, being such a change from the comics? This story handled it well, and creatively, and I’m looking forward to more of that backstory in the book. 

But again, not too much of it. This story’s supposed to be about Lois. 

Thanks to Netgallery and Capstone for a copy of this story in return for an honest review.


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