Superhero Book Review: The Superyogi Scenario

  4/5 Stars 

I just finished The Superyogi Scenario by James Connor. 

Yogis developing superpowers was quite an interesting (and creative) idea. And it’s an easy and enjoyable read. Good action. And I liked the character motivations. They felt real. Nothing is easily black and white, and I wanted to sympathize with the villain to a certain extent. 

I realize that this is supposed to be a new breed of Western yogis, but they do seem awfully white. And the first 3 we meet are all blonde and pretty (one man, two women). At least, though, he attempts to explain it with the idea of western yogis being propelled by past lives. Some of it, also, is a bit cliche, like: “…her sinister plan.” 

Also, it seemed a bit ironic that Eric kept talking about losing your sense of self to “gain yogic superpowers”. If you’re focussed on gaining superpowers, would it be hard to lose your sense of self? 

But I really liked how the philosophy fit in to the story. I love how the whole point of our lives is (or should be) to end suffering. That does seem to be a common thread through all the religions (even if a lot of supposed disciples don’t practice it). 

And what he says about wisdom is huge – about the throwing off of the self…

…we can use any ancient spiritual text – whether Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Taoist, or Confucian – whatever you are attracted to…All the prophets were trying to take people to the sane realizations using different words and different techniques. All of them lead toward the same place. 

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good superhero story, especially if they’d be interested in a bit of infusion of philosophy, morality, and even theology. 


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