Book Review: Science of Parenthood

 Most of this book falls into the category of “it’s funny because it’s true.” 

It’s funny in spots, and a lot of the stuff is on point. But sometimes it seems like they’re trying to hard to be clever and they definitely tried to shoehorn too much stuff into a single book. They may have gotten quantity at the expense of quality. 

Some of it was so relatable – like dealing with other parents. 

And I can definitely say that Postpartum Discharge Disorder is definitely true: 

The paralyzing anxiety that hits both mom and dad as soon as they wave buh-bye to the nursing staff in the maternity unit and pass through the hospital’s sliding glass doors and out into the parking lot to buckle their newborn into his car seat for the drive home. One or more parents may be given to repeating, “Why would anyone let us take a baby home?” while banging their heads against a car window. 

It’s odd that none of the nursing staff ever want to come home with us for a few days with our first child to make sure we were doing it right. 

Bonus points for the problems with Pinterest and a mention of that evil little Elf on the Shelf. (Ours is named “Jolly”, BTW.) 

Putting a scientific spin on all of the stuff we have to deal with as parents was really pretty creative. And some of it made me literally laugh out loud. But I think the authors would have had a much better book if they could have distilled it down to the funniest ideas. 

Thanks to Netgalley and She Writes Press for a copy in return for an honest review. 


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