Comic Book Review: Ame-Comi Girls, vol 1. by Jimmy Palmiotti

comic1What a waste of time. I mean, if you’re wanting to spend some time looking at half-naked women kicking each others ass, I guess it’s fine. But I’ve read too many good comic book authors and prefer some depth to my stories. Even when they are about superheroes.

The writing is not great. And the art…lets just say that with their skimpy outfits, there’s lots drawn for the male gaze. The perfect angles for lots of ass close-ups.

Oh. And within 3 panels of each other, Robin both worries about her hair and hates math. Plus they make uncreative misogynist insults: “Let me guess, you’re crampy? Want me to get you some chocolate?” and “she’s a dumb blonde” are on facing pages. Later, “You are embarrassingly stupid.” (Those last two to Harley Quinn.)

There was a creative reference to The Steve Miller Band song…but that’s about the only thing I liked.

And is it just me or do their costumes and hairstyles change from panel to panel?

Oh, well, they’re just girls. As long as they look sexy, right? Sheesh.

Should I not expect more from superhero comics? C’mon, DC! Really, can only men write female superheroes?

I wanted to read the next couple volumes, but not now.


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