The Geek Gathering

I took my son to the Geek Gathering across the river in Sheffield, AL, today. For a local con, it was really pretty cool. A ton of costumes. A ton of vendors. Two of the biggest personalities who were coming weren’t able to show. But it was pretty cool, nonetheless.

A few cool things… 

  I bought a towel. Yes! A towel. Now, my Hitchhiker cred will stand with me always, but this towel is even cooler. It has a Bat Symbol embroidered on it. I bought it from Laura Ducros, Rebel Among the Stars. Check out her store.  

I also met a cool comic writer from Harvest, AL. Julian Jay Burton owns Red Crow Comics. I purchased a couple of his books (Salta and Bermuda City), and really look forward to reading them. They have a film in post-production, a prequel to Bermuda City. This should really be cool.  

My son was drawn to Pixel Perfect with their Super Mario designs. But he opted to buy a cool equality symbol (from HRC) for his mom. These were tiny little 3 inch square magnets, but Amie, the owner said she was getting crap from people for having them. LIke, “I can’t believe they let this religious propoganda in here.” What?!? Good grief. People are so stupid.

He did finally settle on a TNT magnet for himself. We almost missed the little minecraft bin she had on the table!

I also met Ashley Chappell, local author and on the board of the group bringing the Rocket City Lit Fest to fruition (in Huntsville, obviously). Jenny Lawson will be there, and Ashley actually gets to pick her up from the airport! Lucky! Ashely’s got a couple of YA  fantasy books that I’m really looking foward to downloading and reading. 

Local filmmaker Keith Sims, responsible for Half-Minute Horror, had a panel yesterday morning, which I missed, to my chagrin. But I was able to say “hi” on the convention floor. Check his movies out at that link.

Plus the shirts were the right price. I got a new design for $10. But really, I wanted one from last year – the one my son got. They were $5, but I really love the superhero design.

In all, it seemed like a very successful venture, and I think it’ll grow from here. My son and I will be wearing costumes next year 🙂 


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