Felicia Day is Awesome

I just finished her book, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost).

And, wow. I flew through this book. I actually read it in 2 days. Not only does Felicia Day have a talent for writing, but she’s so damn <i>interesting</i>. Plus, I related to her a lot growing up geeky. It’s the kind of book that you start reading, and it seems like about 5 minutes have passed and you’re on page 50. (This literally happened.)

Plus, she’s so genuine and open and honest and REAL, you can’t help but love her.

She talks about playing World of Warcraft and says she fell in love. And she’s worried this sounds strange. Well, it’s exactly why I don’t play World of Warcraft. I know I would fall in love with it. Playing a role-playing game? On-line? With hundreds of other people? Sounds like Nirvana to me. But the kind of Nirvana that you lose your job and all your friends to because you spend all your time doing it. It’s just something I can’t afford at this time in my life.

I love what she says about growing up:

When we graduate from childhood into adulthood, we’re thrown into this confusing Cthulhu-like miasma of life, filled with social and career problems, all with branching choices and no correct answers.
Yes. Even though she’s talking about how Sometimes gaming feels like going back to that simple kid world.

This whole book was a powerful message about being a creator. About realizing you can do things. To go out and accomplish. Culminating in chapter 9, “Convention Fevah”. Which literally brought tears to my eyes.

You Can Attempt Anything

And the chapter on #GamerGate describes a dystopia so horrifying, created by misogynistic, hateful people that it seems like it could only be science fiction. If only it were.

But the best thing about Felicia Day is that she inspires you to be yourself, express yourself, and create something that is uniquely you. Thanks, Felicia. (And thanks for being brave enough to call out the haters.)

And this is the best thing ever:

I hope all my copious over sharing encourages someone to stop, drop, and do something that’s always scared them. Create something they always dreamed of. Connect with people they never thought they to know. Because there’s no better time in history to do it.

There’s way more. But I won’t spoil it for you.


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