Having a Bad Day?

Some days are harder than others. Even in the midst of all the crap, sometimes there are a few threads of light peeking through the clouds. But then there are those days that are just tough to get through.

Some days you feel like King David, when he says:

But as for me, I am a worm and no man,
scorned by all and despised by the people.

I have those days. I guess we all do.

But on top of that, did he make a mistake balancing his checking account, just to find out he only had a fraction of the amount that he thought he had? And was that the same day all the drains in his house backed up and he needed an emergency visit from the plumber?

Sometimes I don’t understand.

But I heard a great sermon last night.

The gist of it was, in the midst of the pain of life, we can’t understand God. Our priest is wonderful, and this is some of what she said:

We can’t understand God. But we can be honest with our struggle to understand. We can give up our certainty and the need to have all the answers.

When we do this, we are more truly the church.

We are to stand with those in their darkest hour – that is what we are called to do. When we think our job is to give people answers, we are sadly mistaken. We don’t have the answers. We have so much more. We have the love of God and it is our on mission to show that love in the world.

This turns on its head the contemporary Christian ideal, which is to have all the answers, to act like we understand God and everything He wants. And to share that knowledge with the world. But that’s not it at all.

As Christ loved us let us also love another. I love that this is part of the blessing in the Episcopal Church. John said this in one of his letters, and Jesus said it about God.

So maybe, in the midst of my own pain, the best thing I can do is try to love someone else.


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