Amazing Discoveries in Young Adult Fiction

I’ve been amazed lately how good Young Adult (YA) fiction is. Everyone is familiar with Harry Potter, and with The Hunger Games. Sure, those are good, but they barely scratch the surface. I’ve been really overwhelmed with how good some these books are.

Currently I’m reading The Darkangel Trilogy (The Darkangel, A Gathering of Gargoyles, The Pearl of the Soul of the World) by Meredith Ann Pierce. I remember loving the first book, The Darkangel, about 25 years ago, back when I was an actual Young Adult. But I recently discovered it was the first part of a trilogy, and I thought I’d go back and read all 3 books, thinking it might be good October reading. I reread the first, and have already finished the second. These books have really held up. It seems that one of the few things 13-year-old me and 41-year-old me can agree on is good literature. Check these stories out if you want a good series of books on vampires.

Just before that, looking for something in Steampunk fiction to listen to in my car, I came across Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan Trilogy (Leviathan, Behemoth, Goliath). They tell the story a young Austrian prince, the death of whose parents initiated World War I, and a young girl who loves flying so much she masquerades as a boy to become an airman. I got so into the books, I couldn’t wait to get back into the car to start the next chapter. Great stuff. (Westerfeld is also the author of the Uglies series of books, but I haven’t tried those.)

And finally, we come to Laini Taylor, one of the best writers I’ve ever came across in my 41 years.

But I’m going to have to dedicate a post just to her. Come back tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Amazing Discoveries in Young Adult Fiction

  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I enjoy YA books too. Have you read The Mazerunner Series? I finished it about a month ago. It’s a bit like the Hunger Games in tone (different plot), but I think the author is more cruel to the characters – so it makes for a really good read.

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