Stress and Dreams

My stress dreams have taken a new turn.

It used to be I could count on them fitting into a specific type. I would dream of varying academic environments and failures. Always a different place; always a different situation. I’d always seem to be in a different college or high school – never the same place twice. And usually not somewhere that I would recognize in my waking life. And the situation, the failure, would always be different. I’d make it to class without my homework, or I would’ve forgotten the study for test, or maybe I forgot to do a paper. Or I’d be coming to class at the end of the year and realize that even though I had an exam that day, I hadn’t been to class all year and didn’t even know what that material was. Lately though it seems like it’s been more along the lines of a not going to class all semester and realizing it was too late to drop the classes and so I’d probably fail everything. I guess they’ve been getting worse.

But the other night was new and different. First of all, I recognize the environment. It was my undergraduate institution. (Ok, so still in academics, but I recognized it.) Second of all it wasn’t really academic. What happened was that it came to a Friday night, and I realized that I was in two plays at the same time. (When have I ever been in a play?) And for neither of the plays had I studied my lines. But the players were new, too. They were people in my life. Actually, the people in my life the cause me the most stress. People from work that give me the most stress, those in my family that cause the most stress. I told my wife about it and she was just thankful she wasn’t in it.

I’d like to thank my subconscious for varying my stress dreams a little and also taking them to new heights.


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