Saw Dredd last night – and I was the only one in the theater. I hope that doesn’t mean anything, because it was really good.

Being from a U.K. magazine (2000 AD), I didn’t realize that in the comics, Judge Dredd’s Mega City-One was actually on the east coast of North America. Dredd has been around since the 70s, taking out bad guys; never taking off his helmet. Judge Anderson has also been a staple of the comics – from Psi Division. From what I’ve been reading, this big-screen version of Dredd has kept pretty close to the comics. Especially if you compare it to the *shudder* Stallone version.

The film itself is dark and violent; as I understand are the Dredd comics. I really like the slow motion effects – I think these really enhanced the movie; and I think I enjoyed the 3D more than in most films.

I can hear people arguing that this was more style than substance, but for a violent action movie based on a comic, it was totally worth seeing in the theater.

And another great thing I didn’t notice while I was watching it – that it’s portrayal of women is, like the comics, better thank most in its genre. Take a look at this article by comicbookGRRRL.


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