Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation by Matt Myklusch (Book Review)

(Note: This book was published a year later under the name The Accidental Hero. I guess that’s why I was able to pick up the hardcover of Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation for $3.)

I think I would have enjoyed this book better had it been written for a slightly older audience. I guess the book is about a 12-year-old boy, and that seems to be the target audience (or slightly younger). But it’s a YA book, and it’s 500 pages!

That being said, it was a fairly quick read (especially for it’s length) and it was fun.

Young Jack Blank hates his life – he doesn’t know who he is or where he comes from; and he’s not fond of the orphanage he has to make his home. But he’ll soon learn of the Imagine Nation – home to superheroes and aliens, robots and ninjas.

Definitely not your run-of-the mill superhero book. I think younger readers would like it – and if you’re into superhero-related fiction like I am, it might be an entertaining read.


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